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Kawartha Pine Ridge
District School Board
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  Document B-1.1 Board Operation and Policy Development.pdf directors_office 04/24/15 21 KB
  Document B-1.2 Code of Conduct.pdf directors_office 10/27/14 22 KB
  Document B-1.3 Indemnification.pdf directors_office 11/07/16 14 KB
  Document B-1.4 Signing Officers of the Board.pdf directors_office 10/27/14 13 KB
  Document B-1.5 Student Trustees.pdf directors_office 06/27/18 43 KB
  Document B-1.6 Legal Matters.pdf directors_office 10/05/17 138 KB
  Document B-1.7 Video Surveillance.pdf directors_office 02/28/14 13 KB
  Document B-1.8 Parental and Public Concerns.pdf directors_office 05/01/18 27 KB
  Document B-1.9 Flag Display.pdf directors_office 05/30/18 32 KB
  Document B-2.1 Board and Committee Meetings.pdf directors_office 08/30/17 241 KB
  Document B-2.2 Annual Meetings and Committees of the Board.pdf directors_office 11/09/17 263 KB
  Document B-3.1 Strategic Planning and Priorities.pdf directors_office 04/22/14 14 KB
  Document B-3.1A Strategic Planning and Priorities - Appendix A - Four-year Strategic Planning Cycle.pdf directors_office 04/22/14 31 KB
  Document B-3.2 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.pdf directors_office 05/12/17 82 KB
  Document B-4.1 Association Membership.pdf directors_office 10/04/18 23 KB
  Document B-4.2 Trustee Attendance at Workshops, Conferences and Conventions.pdf directors_office 04/24/15 15 KB
  Document B-4.4 Orientation Program for Newly Elected Trustees.pdf directors_office 11/07/16 10 KB
  Document B-5.1 Board Logo Use.pdf directors_office 10/05/17 82 KB
  Document B-5.2 Media Relations.pdf directors_office 11/08/16 11 KB
  Document B-5.3 Communications with Staff.pdf directors_office 10/05/17 77 KB

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